Write Away Worries

I find writing things down to be a powerful meditation tool. My mind has a tendency to become overwhelmed. I am a classic over-thinker, a worrier. It leads to me losing sleep, biting my nails, picking my face. Sometimes I feel as though my life is falling apart on top of me. It is, of course, all in my head. I have great life circumstances. I am well fed. I have a safe bed to sleep in. I have friends, family, and a job I enjoy. Though my anxiety maybe all in my head, that does not make the feelings any less real.

By taking my overpopulated mind and putting the thoughts in to words on paper, I am able to relieve a lot of my worry trapped in my head. I keep a journal by my bedside. Often times I’ll feel the need to write down what I am feeling. Usually I only write when I feel upset, angry, or anxious. I have started to incorporate positive thoughts too. That way when I read back on what I wrote, I can recount the good times too. A great thing about journaling is that I can see the pattern of my problem. I write down the dates on each entry so I can track what weeks I feel down. I can see certain months where I suffered worse than others. I can now feel more empowered over my emotions. I can pinpoint what brings me down in life. It gives me a better idea how to fix it. I don’t usually write out full thoughts or paragraphs. Sometimes a phrase will come to me and I will jog it down. Somethings I write are abstract. Some are to the point. Either way, writing it down makes me feel in control of what I feel.

Another way that writing relieves stress for me is through list making. Making to-do lists, wish-lists, shopping-lists, and so on organizes the countless thoughts running around in my head. Lists also help me remember, and that reduces my stress too. The act of writing, pen and paper style, calms my mind.

I recommend trying it out if you need help organizing your thoughts. Your words don’t need to be Shakespeare. Mine certainly aren’t. Just get it out on paper—in the physical world. You may be surprised what acknowledging your thoughts can do. But please, if you are depressed and have ever contemplated self-harm or suicide, please search for professional help. Much love to all,




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